There’s Good Kabbalah, and There’s Bad or False Kabbalah

Hi. Welcome to the site.

Our aim is to show that not all kabbalah that’s being peddled out there is actually the real deal.

Through painful experience of our own, we’ve learned that the most well-known places that purport to teach kabbalah are in fact the most deceptive of them all.

Specifically? The Kabbalah Centre and Bnei Baruch are the biggest culprits.

They are in fact, cults.

What is a cult? Good question.

According to the late Dr Margaret T Singer, clinical psychologist, author and anti-cultist, a cult is:

“A group started by an individual who claims that if you just give almost all or all of your decision-making over to him or her, they will share with you some old secrets of the past that they’ve discovered or they’ll share with you new secrets that they’ve just discovered. But it’s more a cultic relationship in which you the follower turn over your decision-making to this person and you surrender and obey in return for them sharing with you their supposed “secrets”. 

We will prove that the Kabbalah Centre and Bnei Baruch meet this definition of a cult.

Kabbalah in itself is a great wisdom. Kabbalah as taught by the Rabbi Isaac Luria, “The Ari”, and Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, “Baal HaSulam” is the authentic wisdom.

The Kabbalah Centre and Bnei Baruch CLAIM that they teach kabbalah that was taught by the Ari and Baal HaSulam.

But we will prove that they don’t, at all, using Baal HaSulam’s actual writings to show that these cults go against Baal HaSulam’s and the Ari’s teachings.

The Kabbalah Centre and Bnei Baruch are very good at mixing truth and lies to commit their great deception, by using certain kabbalistic teachings, but then they’ll twist these teachings, in order to promote their own agenda. Without letting the cult victim know what they’re really up to.

This is how the cult victims get ‘sucked in’.

The Kabbalah Centre’s agenda is money, growing a tax-free, multi-billion dollar business. Bnei Baruch’s is totalistic power, authority and control.

We will show that these cults use thought reform programs (ie mind control, ‘brainwashing’ techniques) to fool people into thinking that they teach authentic kabbalah.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Kabbalah of the Ari and Baal HaSulam = Good Kabbalah.

Kabbalah of the Kabbalah Centre and Bnei Baruch = Bad & False Kabbalah (NOT Kabbalah at all!)

We hope that by sharing what we’ve learned about these cults that we can help those who’ve not been indoctrinated into the cult’s ideas to stay away from them like the proverbial plague.

And we hope that current cult members can glean some knowledge to enable them to wake up to the truth as well.

It’s never too late to walk away.

Until the next post. Be well and take care.

Video: What is a cult and how does it work? By Dr Margaret T Singer:


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