The Kabbalah Teacher Litmus Test


We’ll explain why Kabbalah makes the most perfect vehicle for a cult and the reasons why no one should follow a teacher or leader who teaches Kabbalah unless they pass the necessary “litmus tests” (if a teacher can’t be found the student shouldn’t be afraid to go it alone for a time as long as one doesn’t stop studying and practicing the teachings, and finding and being with other like-minded souls in the work):

This is the inherent danger with learning Kabbalah, known as the Wisdom of Truth: it teaches you how to diminish your ego, your desire to receive for yourself alone, and to give to others without any self-benefit, as much as you possibly can, for the purpose of revealing and connecting to the infinite and eternal oneness of the Higher Strength.

The problem is if one goes to learn such teachings from a person who actually has NO wish or desire to lower his will to receive for himself alone. But tells people the exact opposite, that he/she has been successful in lowering his/her ego, hence their advanced stage of wisdom and enlightenment. The student must ensure that they don’t just take that person’s word for this. The key is to take note of what the person actually DOES, because certain actions covert or otherwise on the part of the would-be Kabbalah teacher can’t hide the truth about their real intentions, or lack of the correct ones.


The danger in not doing this is that the person/people/masses who innocently give up their ego at the hands of such a person in order to purify their desires in the study and work of Kabbalah are inevitably and unbeknownst to them controlled for their own egoistic purposes by the corrupt leader or teacher.

It’s actually the perfect set-up, the most perfect tool to establish the most effective and powerful cult on earth when one thinks about it. It’s like putting a wolf with a group of sheep – the sheep haven’t got a chance in the world. Especially when the wolf wears sheep’s clothing!

wolf in sheep's clothing

As it turns out, there are many such wolves out there, in fact Kabbalah appears to have been hijacked by the most corrupt and evil kinds right now. Perhaps this is why Kabbalah was kept a secret for millennia, to make sure that it didn’t get into the greedy paws of the wolves masquerading as sheep in the world.

But we find that that’s not the case, and it’s the wolves who’ve taken over. What’s crucial then is in finding the right teacher, one who not only has the correct intention, but actually lives the teachings and truly does come from a higher, purer place in the spiritual or inner world.

This person will have absolutely no interest in earthly pleasures and delights, no desire for power, control or absolute authority over people, no desire to dictate their followers’ actions in any way and will only ever turn the person towards the Creator if he needs help in any way. In fact this person probably doesn’t want to teach or lead people at all! He will only ever want to guide people to the Higher Strength, and nothing more.

deny yourself

Such a noble and righteous soul may indeed be very difficult to find. But perhaps we should also realize that true power lies in each and every one of us at the end of the day. Not with some other leader or person or teacher in this world. This may be the true secret that our ego doesn’t want us to be aware of. That we hold the keys to our own redemption, we can do a lot for ourselves to save ourselves! We don’t need leaders, teachers and Ravs to find redemption, especially when none who can pass the ‘litmus test’ can be found.

If we do the work to develop our vessels/kelim in ourselves, our inner being, by studying the authentic teachings that are available out there* with the right intention of providing contentment to God, and always turning to the Creator for everything that we require, we can attract the Higher Light that will correct us. We can receive the Spirit of Mashiach that will show us the way. Perhaps that’s what’s meant to teach us. Especially during our times. But there’s no need for any other intermediaries in this world. I must know that it is only I who chooses to turn to the Creator, only I can do this for myself and for the sake of others and the Creator. Only I can make this choice. Only I can do the work for myself. No one else can do it for me.

The sooner we accept this and get on with what we really need to do, the sooner we can stop relying on but instead being led off the right path by corrupt and unscrupulous cult leaders and the like, and the sooner we can find our way back to God.

And bring on Mashiach and the Final Correction.

* The Writings of Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag

* The Zohar with Baal HaSulam’s commentary 


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