In Spiritual Life, the Collective Must Subjugate Itself to the Individual ~ Baal HaSulam


Beware of false kabbalah groups (cults) that tell you that you must subdue your will to a greater ‘group’, (a group that would consist mostly of strangers and whose motives can be seen as being very questionable), especially when it comes to spirituality. For example, Bnei Baruch and its leader, Michael Laitman. See previous post. This is NOT the teaching of authentic kabbalists, such as Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (“Baal HaSulam”). This is the teaching of false kabbalah cult teachers. As Baal HaSulam says in his article, “The Freedom” (see below), “…it turns out that as far as spiritual life is concerned, there is no natural obligation on the individual to abide by the society in any way. On the contrary, here applies a natural law over the collective, TO SUBJUGATE ITSELF TO THE INDIVIDUAL.”




Baal HaSulam, may his memory be blessed.

It turns out that as far as spiritual life is concerned, there is no natural obligation on the individual to abide by the society in any way. On the contrary, here applies a natural law over the collective, to subjugate itself to the individual. And it is clarified in the Article, “The Peace,” that there are two ways by which Providence has enveloped and surrounded us, to bring us to the end:

A. A Path of Pain, which develops us in this manner unconsciously.

B. A Path of Torah and wisdom, which consciously develops us in this manner without any agony or coercion.

And since the more developed in the generation is certainly the individual, it follows that when the public wants to relieve themselves of the terrible agony and assume conscious and voluntary development, which is the path of Torah, they have no choice but to subjugate themselves and their physical freedom to the discipline of the individual, and obey the orders and remedies that he will offer them.

Thus you see that in spiritual matters, the authority of the collective is overturned and the law of “Taking after the Individual” is applied, that is, the developed individual. For it is plain to see that the developed and the educated in every society are always a small minority. It follows that the success and spiritual well-being of society is bottled and sealed in the hands of the minority.

Therefore, the collective is obliged to meticulously guard all the views of the few, so they will not perish from the world. This is because they must know for certain, in complete confidence, that the truer and more developed views are never in the hands of the collective in authority, but rather in the hands of the weakest, that is, in the hands of the indistinguishable minority. This is because every wisdom and everything precious comes into the world in small quantities. Therefore, we are cautioned to preserve the views of all the individuals, due to the collective’s inability to tell wrong from right among them.”

Extract from Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Freedom”


Baal HaSulam clearly states here that the collective must “meticulously guard” and is “cautioned to preserve” the views of all individuals, because “the truer and more developed views” are “in the hands of the indistinguishable minority” – “never in the hands of the collective in authority”.

And yet, Michael Laitman of Bnei Baruch absolutely insists that the individual must annul himself/herself before “the Group” that he controls, and as previously mentioned, admits to brainwashing. Clearly, Laitman is contradicting Baal HaSulam’s actual teachings.


Michael Laitman further claims that he teaches Baal HaSulam’s Kabbalah to his followers. As we’ve proven that he doesn’t, then it must be that he tells people this lie in order to deceive them into giving up their own decision-making to him under the ruse that this is an authentic Kabbalistic teaching.

One must then ask oneself what possible motive could there be if people are told a proven false teaching by a ‘spiritual leader’ that their own individual freedom of will and choice must be completely annulled and given over to a “Group” – a Group that the leader such as Michael Laitman happens to have absolute power and control of? A group where Laitman’s closest male students who are placed in charge of the followers don’t have to annul themselves before the others? A group where brainwashing people is part of the official program?

Could it be that there’s a great deal of scope for abuse of power and control in such a scenario? Should one believe that there’s something rather dangerous about a person who wants his followers to give up their freedom of will entirely to him and the ‘Group’ that he and his inner circle control? Especially when authentic kabbalah FORBIDS such a thing?

Or should one believe that in fact the entire purpose – the ONLY purpose – that can be for telling people to give up their own freedom of will to such a leader and his group is so that Laitman can have absolute power and control over them to make them obey him completely and do everything that he wants?

puppets on a string

Is his wanting people to annul themselves before him, the behavior of a spiritually evolved tzaddik (righteous person)? Or that of a lying, deceitful, power-hungry cult leader?

You be the judge. But by all means, please do discern and judge a potential teacher’s words and actions seriously when searching for authentic Kabbalah teachers on whom one needs to place a great deal of trust.


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