Disgraced Kabbalah Centre Cult Co-Director Yehuda Berg After Being Ordered To Pay $85K To Sexual Assault Lawsuit Victim: “I Know Now That To Be Part of the Kabbalah Centre Is Not My Destiny”

Yehuda Berg announces via a Facebook status update that he’s no longer going to be part of the Kabbalah Centre Cult leadership – 2nd of December, 2015

– Berg released the statement on his Facebook page yesterday. This comes hot on the heels of a recent lawsuit against him for drugging and sexually molesting a former Kabbalah Centre cult follower that resulted in $117K+ damages being awarded to the victim.

– Yehuda Berg, a former consistent Top 10 lister in Newsweek’s Top 50 American Rabbis, admits that he’s had drug and alcohol addictions for the past 11 years and that he’s ‘hurt people’ around him as a result of these addictions.  According to court statements that he made these addictions started in 2004, after his now-deceased father and founder of the Kabbalah Centre cult, Philip Berg, suffered a debilitating stroke.

– There was no mention of an apology from Yehuda Berg to the people that he hurt, for instance the woman who filed the lawsuit against him, Jena Scaccetti, or indeed for all the lies and misrepresentations and utter hypocrisy that he committed as a co-leader of the Kabbalah Centre cult. Not to mention other crimes and other money-making scams that he helped his cult to perpetuate that caused people to give all of their money to his cult because they believed in him and his bogus cult teachings!

– No apology means that he’s not sorry. In fact, it may very well be that he was pushed to step down by the other Kabbalah Centre cult leaders (Karen Berg namely) because of the outcome of the lawsuit against him. So if that’s the case then he’s only leaving because he was told to leave, not because he’s genuinely sorry (he would’ve said sorry if he were!)

– His statement is full of excuses – ‘the pressure was too great’ and in court, he said that his father’s stroke in 2004 caused him to become addicted to “anything that can make you high or drunk.” “When he had his stroke, it devastated my life,” he said. (No mention of why he’s not taking full responsibility for his own actions that he loved to preach when he was a Kabbalah Centre cult leader though – much less not turning to drug and alcohol addictions and sexual assaults and sexual predator crimes AND lying to followers about all of it).

– The Kabbalah Centre cult has distanced itself from Yehuda Berg. Also claimed non-responsibility for any of his actions. This means that it’s highly unlikely that the Kabbalah Centre cult is about to change its ways. It will carry on deceiving, hurting, scamming and abusing cult believers as per usual. There are several other lawsuits pending against the Kabbalah Centre cult, namely for fraud and misusing victims’ moneys. We await to see how they develop.

– In the meantime, this former ‘rock star’ of the Kabbalah Centre cult and Hollywood’s false rabbi to the stars has suffered the most ignominous, shameful and spectacular downfall from his previously lofty heights.

– Some may say that it couldn’t happen to a better guy! Perhaps for the countless victims of the Kabbalah Centre cult, the punishment he has received is not nearly enough. We await to see if more sexual assault/drugging victims will now step forward as well.




  1. Racheli · December 26, 2015

    Not to mention that he didn’t apologize to his WIFE and CHILDREN for destroying their lives.


    • bewareoffalsekabbalah · December 28, 2015

      Absolutely. I believe that his father did the same with his first wife, Rivkah, and their 8 children together when he left them all around 1969 for Karen, who worked for him in his office at the time. No apologies then either! Must run in the family…


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