Leading Cult Expert Rick Ross Slams The Kabbalah Centre, Calling It a “Destructive Cult”

Rick Ross Kabbalah Centre cult

Mr Ross, one of the leading experts on cults and deprogrammers in the world today, recently released a video where he speaks extensively on The Kabbalah Centre, and why he believes that it meets the criteria of a destructive cult that exerts undue influence upon its members, using authoritarian leadership and manipulation through coercive thought reform practices which result in the exploitation of its followers.

He uses Robert J. Lifton’s thesis on cults to show why this is the case. Mr Ross states that the Bergs are held in an aura of Divinity by their followers, that they don’t feel that they can dispute anything that they’re told by the Bergs. This demonstrates how the Kabbalah Centre’s leaders are absolute authoritarians, that Mr Ross says are similar to what other groups that are considered to be destructive cults have. 



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