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  1. Ben David · September 23, 2015

    I want to thank you for your site. The fact that Kabbalah has reached a state of becoming this new cult-religion is frightening as it misleads to the world very close to the root – I am very appreciative of you contributing your time to creating a resource like this. One of the key mis-directions in Laitman’s work is “the group” and I was especially glad to see you call him on this point, because I had not had any corroboration anywhere else with anyone else that this was the case, but was highly suspicious of it for some time, and it is so subtle (and to a person who cares about the world, attractive) a misdirection as to be easily missed. At the same time it pervades his lectures and is a core principle in what he teaches.

    Basically he is harvesting the money and energy of these people by growing them like spiritual vegetables or raising them like cattle (a term he is apt to apply to other people in general, you could find truckloads of quotes and evidence for this) and then using ideas like “the group” to bring them to slaughter, by creating an impossible and not-intended-to-be-integrated incongruity which creates a disconnection between them and their spiritual degree that dissolves their energy into the group, a group which in turn funnels that energy into his pockets to fulfill his purposes.



  2. Former BBer · November 30

    Please, check website BBKABBALAH-THETRUTH.COM Also look for the FB page


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