Madonna in custody battle with Guy Ritchie over the return of son Rocco to her in NYC

Madonna, the Kabbalah Centre Cult’s most famous devotee, recently went to court in a feud with former husband, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, to force son Rocco to return to New York to spend Christmas with her.

Madge in court over Rocco

The Telegraph UK states that the “singer wins legal bid to have 15-year-old son forced to board a plane from London despite him wanting to stay in the UK for Christmas.”

(Rocco ended up defying the court order, didn’t board a plane and stayed with his Dad in London for the holidays).

So, Guy Ritchie is supporting his son’s bid to stay with him in the UK instead of returning to Madonna.

We wonder if this has anything to do with the possibility that Mr Ritchie may not want for his son to be involved further in Madonna’s Kabbalah Centre cult activities, especially in light of the recent scandal and sexual assault court case against the Kabbalah Centre cult co-leader, Yehuda Berg, one of Madonna’s ‘spiritual teachers’, that resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages being awarded to Berg’s victim.

Madonna involves all of her children in her Kabbalah Centre cult, including Rocco, and did the same with Mr Ritchie whilst they were still married to each other. After they divorced, Mr Ritchie severed all ties with the Kabbalah Centre cult.

The news sites are speculating that the reason for Rocco’s refusal is because he doesn’t want to be part of Madonna’s concert tour anymore. We have a different theory. We believe that Yehuda Berg’s recent spectacular fall from grace (he’s now been ousted from the Kabbalah Centre cult to stop them from losing members and their precious $$$$) has done a lot to influence Mr Ritchie’s decision. And if we may say it, rightly so! The children do not deserve to be involved in cults, and if one parent can save them, then that’s a very good thing! Sorry Madonna, but remember, everything comes from the Creator. He’s trying to help you to wake up to yourself! We hope that you do, before your children all turn on you one day…

From The Telegraph UK:

Madonna goes to court in feud with Guy Ritchie to force son Rocco to return to New York

Madonna has gone to court to force her 15-year-old son Rocco to return to New York, after his father Guy Ritchie insisted that he wanted to stay in the UK for Christmas.

The singer appeared before a judge in Manhattan on Wednesday morning, where she won her bid to have her son forced to board a plane from London.

Mr Ritchie, a film director who has two children with Madonna, argued through his lawyer that Rocco preferred to spend Christmas with his father, the New York Post reported.

“He has expressed very clearly that he does not want to return to New York,” said Eric Buckley, Mr Ritchie’s lawyer, regarding their son.

Madonna, appearing agitated, tried to interject, the New York Daily News reported, but was calmed by her lawyer Eleanor Alter.

Judge Deborah Kaplan asked Mr Buckley: “Has he prevented the child from returning to the US?”

“Effectively yes,” Mr Buckley replied.

Judge Kaplan ordered that Rocco should talk with Madonna, and then revisit the issue of which parent he prefers.

The judge told a smiling Madonna that Rocco must also present himself to court in the United States for the case to be decided.

“I’m directing the child to be returned to New York. If he wants to stay with his father, he must return to his mother.”

Madonna, in a black wool fur cape, long black skirt and dark sunglasses, refused to comment as she left the Manhattan courtroom.

Madonna and Ritchie were granted a divorce in 2008. They also have an adopted son, David Banda, 10.

Madonna has two other children, Lourdes Leon, 19, and nine-year-old Mercy James, adopted from Malawi.

The 57-year-old has recently returned to New York from Glasgow, where on Sunday night she performed for her Rebel Heart tour.

The show, which began in Montreal in September, has seen her criss-cross the US and Europe. Concluding the European leg, she is back in New York for Christmas before starting again, on January 6, in Mexico City and continuing through Asia and Australasia, wrapping up in March.

Ritchie married model Jacqui Ainsley this summer, and lives in London with her and their three sons.

Madonna in happier times with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, and disgraced Kabbalah Centre cult leader Yehuda Berg

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Disgraced False Kabbalah Cult Leader Yehuda Berg Gets A Taste of God’s Judgment

From Hollywood (false kabbalah) rabbi to the stars, and #4 in Newsweek’s Top 50 American rabbis, to the most shameful downfall from his glittering heights, exposed as a sexual predator, attempted rapist, would-be adulterer, liar, blasphemous heretic, two-faced deceiver and grossest of all hypocrites.

Welcome to a taste of God’s judgment, Yehuda Berg! Couldn’t happen to a bigger schmuck!


Yehuda Berg deleted from Kabbalah Centre disgraced

Yehuda Berg guest author Kabbalah Centre disgraced

Disgraced Kabbalah Centre Cult Leader Yehuda Berg’s Sexual Advances Turned Her Away From Religion, Says Woman Who Won Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Him

Original news story: Kabbalah Rabbi Yehuda Berg’s sexual advances turned her away from religion, says woman suing him

A former Kabbalah Centre International student testified Wednesday that her negative experiences with the Jewish school of thought has prompted her to shun religion, distrust the clergy and install extensive security in her home to protect herself.

Jena Scaccetti told a Los Angeles Superior Court jury that the controlling aspects of Kabbalah and an alleged attempt by one of its former co-directors, Rabbi Yehuda Berg, to convince her to have sex with him took its toll after six years as a follower.

“I never confided in a rabbi again,” Scaccetti testified. “I grew up a Catholic and I don’t confide in any priests. I don’t want to convert to Judaism. My connection is between me and God at this point. I don’t trust middle men.”

The plaintiff was in her second day of testimony in trial of her lawsuit against Berg and the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, where Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and other celebrities have studied.

The 36-year-old plaintiff alleges Berg gave her alcohol and a Vicodin pill to try and relax her so she would agree to have sex with him at his mother’s apartment in the Kabbalah Centre in New York City the night of Oct. 25- 26, 2012. She also claims he touched her and forcibly embraced her.

Scaccetti says she rejected his advances and that the four-hour visit ended with him calling for a cab to take her home, but only after he seized her phone and deleted messages. She said he also threatened her harm and even death if she told anyone what happened.

Berg testified he acted improperly and did not try to change her mind when she refused to have sex.

At the request of her lawyer, Scaccetti read several text messages she and Berg exchanged shortly after their visit in New York City. Most of the writings were friendly in nature.

“At that point in my life, I could never imagine talking to Yehuda in a disrespectful way,” she said.

However, about two weeks later, the tone of Scaccetti’s texts changed, In one text she told Berg that what happened in his mother’s apartment was “not OK” with her.

“You crossed the line and with me and you know it,” Scaccettt said she told Berg.

Scaccetti said her decision to seek a spiritual renewal with Kaballah after ending an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend turned out to be another of many “bad, bad choices” she has made throughout her life.

“Yehuda was the last straw where I could take being abused by another guy,” she said.

She said she and her brother live together in a home with security cameras that make her feel safer. But she says she still experiences anxiety and depression from her Kabbalah experiences.

“Every day I’m reprogramming my brain,” she said. “Every aspect of my life, they controlled. Every day I work to get the thoughts out of my life so I can get control.”

Scaccetti said she was ambivalent at first about speaking out and filing the lawsuit she eventually brought against the Kabbalah Centre and Berg in January 2014.

“I felt that by coming forward I could put myself in danger in some metaphysical way,” she said. “I was afraid he could put some kind of spell on me.”

Scaccetti said she also worried about the impact a lawsuit could have on Berg’s wife and their five children. But she said she believes that by going public that she can actually protect both herself and others.

“It’s awful to talk about, but I’m preventing it from happening to someone else and I’m proud of that,” she said.

Berg is the author of about 30 books, including “The Power of Kabbalah” and “The 72 Names of God.” His father, Rav Berg, and brother, Michael Berg, also taught at the Los Angeles center.

Berg admitted during his testimony that he was addicted at the time to alcohol and drugs. He said he left Kabbalah International in May 2014 to get treatment for his addictions and that he is now sober.

By Bill Hetherman, City News Service



Kabbalah Centre Cult and Cult Co-Director Yehuda Berg Found Guilty in Civil Court! Ordered to Pay $177,500 in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

From the LA Times, November 24, 2015

Jury orders Kabbalah Centre and former director to pay $177,500 in sexual assault lawsuit 

by Stephen Ceasar

A Los Angeles jury on Tuesday ordered Kabbalah Centre International and a former co-director of the organization to pay a total of $177,500 to a former student who alleged the rabbi plied her with drugs and alcohol with the intent of raping her. 

Last year, Jena Scaccetti sued the organization, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, alleging that Rabbi Yehuda Berg forced her to drink alcohol and take prescription drugs as he tried to have sex with her.

The jury rejected a battery claim against Berg, whose father founded the organization. But the panel found he was responsible for inflicting emotional distress on Scaccetti.

“Ms. Scaccetti is very happy that the jury found in her favor and awarded her damages — and is especially happy that by bringing this lawsuit she may have saved others from being victimized by Yehuda Berg,” said attorney Alain V. Bonavida, who represented Scaccetti.

Jurors decided Berg should pay Scaccetti $85,000. The Kabbalah Centre was found to be negligent in its supervision of Berg, a former co-director, and was ordered to pay $42,500.

The jury also found that Berg acted with malice and should pay $50,000 in punitive damages.

An attorney representing Berg did not return requests for comment, nor did a spokesperson for Kabbalah Centre International.


Yehuda Berg disgraced