What is a Cult? And why the Kabbalah Centre and Bnei Baruch meet the definition of a ‘Cult’.



“A cult is a group started by an individual who claims that if you just give almost all or all of your decision-making over to him or her, they will share with you some old secrets of the past that they’ve discovered or they’ll share with you new secrets that they’ve just discovered. But it’s more a cultic relationship in which you the follower turn over your decision-making to this person and you surrender and obey in return for them sharing with you their supposed “secrets”.


The Kabbalah Centre is a cult because it tells its followers that they must restrict their desire to receive for themselves, and that they must give and share without wanting to receive for themselves, and to do it all for the Kabbalah Centre cult, because the Kabbalah Centre cult says that this is “the highest form of sharing”. And in return for this, the Kabbalah Centre says that the follower will receive “endless light and fulfilment.” The poor follower ends up giving all that they have – money, time, free unpaid labour – to the Kabbalah Centre cult until they have nothing left and/or are completely burned out.

Bnei Baruch is a cult because it tells its followers to ‘annul’ themselves, to annul their whole entire identity and ego before the omnipotent ‘Group’, to annul their ability and capacity to think for themselves, and surrender it all to the ‘Group’ and in return, within the ‘Group’ they will find God and endless peace on earth aka “Arvut” or “Mutual Guarantee” (what hippies would call, ‘peace love and mung beans’). The Group then dictates to the Bnei Baruch cult victim what they must do to conform to the will of The Group.


The Kabbalah Centre and Bnei Baruch cults therefore meet Margaret Thaler Singer’s definition of cults perfectly, in particular the cultic relationship in which the follower turns over their decision-making to the cult leader and they surrender and obey in return for the cult and its leader sharing with the follower their supposed “secrets”.


“What’s wrong with cults is that they recruit deceptively. So that people when they join have no idea what the group is on occasion and most of all, people don’t realise what the bottom line is going to be, what joining the group is going to entail across time. And then what’s wrong with cults, meaning why society criticises cults is that the cult leader grows wealthier and more powerful, while trying to convey to the followers that he is helping them. But the main goal is to create more power and wealth for the cult and for the leader rather than for the benefit of the followers”.


The Kabbalah Centre cult and the Bnei Baruch cults lure followers by telling them that the key to achieving “Final Redemption” or “Final Correction”, salvation of the world, peace on earth, or Mutual Guarantee, in other words all of their lofty and exalted goals, is if each person overcame their desire to receive for themselves or their ego. The follower is not told of the cults’ double agenda, meaning that the follower is expected to give up their desires to receive, but the Kabbalah Centre cult and Bnei Baruch cult leaders don’t have to do such things, and fitting Dr. Margaret Singer’s assertion about what’s wrong with cults, they actually use the followers to “create more power and wealth for the cult and for the leader rather than for the benefit of the followers”.


This is why you see the Bergs of the Kabbalah Centre cult living lavish lifestyles and holding multi-million dollar real estate portfolios and other extravagant assets (making a mockery of their teaching of giving up the desire to receive for themselves) and Michael Laitman of the Bnei Baruch cult revelling in the absolute power and authority and control that he wields over his cult victims who surrender all of their decision-making and desire to think for themselves to him and his closed ‘Group’. Bnei Baruch cult victims have been known to leave families and loved ones, even very young children and babies, and very sick children, because Bnei Baruch says that the Group is the only ‘integral family’.


Such behaviour of the Kabbalah Centre and Bnei Baruch cults also perfectly aligns with the first condition in Dr Margaret Singer’s “Six Conditions for a Thought Reform Environment”

ONE: DECEPTION: Keeping the person unaware of the hidden agenda in order to control and change the person.

Dr Singer also warns that maintaining a closed system of logic and restricting criticism is one of the six conditions of a thought reform environment (SIX: DENIAL AND DEDICATION). Bnei Baruch cult leader Michael Laitman says in his blog, “The system that is built by us must be integral, CLOSED, and whole,” in an entry dated December 29, 2014.

The other conditions of a thought reform program according to Dr Singer are destabilization; dependency and dread; disconnection; and developing the cult pseudopersonality.

And so this is how the Kabbalah Centre and Bnei Baruch cults are able to conduct their thought reform or ‘brainwashing’ program on the cult victim, because they do so without the victim’s informed consent, through outright lies, deception, and hiding their secret, double agenda. The victim then willingly gives up their decision-making power to the cult and the cult leader, through this indoctrination program, in the mistaken belief that doing so will give them the outcomes that they seek. But this is quite far from the truth. The only thing that they end up actually doing is serving and building up the cult leader’s own wealth and power, and doing nothing at all for the benefit of their own selves. In other words, they’re told one thing when they joined the cult, but what actually transpires after they’ve joined the cult is completely different, only they’re not aware of it at all, they’re not made aware of it at all, and even if they sense that there’s something wrong, the cult’s thought reform program has already neutered their ability to question the cult’s ways.

If these cults were truly benevolent and righteous, or even at the very least just merely harmless or benign, the cult victim wouldn’t have to be brainwashed at all to do anything for the cult and its leaders, much less for the victims to give up their own power to make their own decisions for themselves. But because the cult has a hidden, self-serving, exploitative and abusive agenda, its true motives are kept hidden from the unsuspecting victim. The cult victim is none the wiser and in fact is the most ardent defender of the cult and its ways, not realising that the cult had already taken over their minds through its thought reform and brainwashing program, which has likely been perfected over many, many years.

It then becomes extremely difficult to get the cult victim to see how they’ve been conned and lied to, because these thought reform techniques are quite sophisticated and very subtle, and also very much tied in to the cult victims’ emotional and other very important needs and desires, and most likely were applied to the victim at a particularly vulnerable time in their life, when the cult posed itself as a saviour and answer to all of their life’s problems.

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  1. converseatheist · January 21, 2015

    I just came across this amd read through it briefly. Ill read all of it when i get the chance. I just wanted to leave a comment because what I read describes the cult I was in perfectly. I just wrote a blog about it yesterday on WP. Thanks for writing about it. Not a lot of people know the inner workings of cutls.


    • bewareoffalsekabbalah · January 21, 2015

      Hi and thanks for your comment. Dr Margaret Singer hits the nail on the head about cults for me too. It doesn’t matter what sort of cult they are, they all work in similar ways. I read your blog post too. Well done for being able to leave your cult from a fellow cult survivor.


      • converseatheist · January 21, 2015

        Thank you. It definately had ever lasting psychological problems for and dealing with future situations. I guess when all the bad things were happening at such am early age of brain development, they stick with you


      • bewareoffalsekabbalah · January 21, 2015

        It’s all right. You’re out now, that’s the main thing. Not many are as lucky as you to have escaped the cult. I like to think that such things happened to us for a reason, and we’re meant to learn a very important lesson to be the best versions of ourselves in this life hopefully, and help others along the way. By speaking out, you can help those who are caught up in cults, especially the cult that you were in, and the ones who have left, too. And that’s a great thing, at least we can turn the bad experience into a good one through helping others, even saving them from life-long slavery to the cult. You will feel better more and more I’m sure, as time passes. Be well…

        Liked by 1 person

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